Introducing SwingGrip

SwingGrip® is a new product to the game of golf which is a real game changer if you want to or have to play in the wet. A small amount of SwingGrip® applied to the hands gives you a secure grip allowing you to swing with confidence even in heavy rain. This gives you a real edge over your opponents, for less than the cost of a tube of balls. SwingGrip® can be used with a glove, as you simply apply to the un-gloved hand. You can also apply a small  amount to the surface of the glove. But one of the big advantages of the product is that it negates the need for a glove and gives you more feel for chipping and putting around the greens. 


Why Choose SwingGrip

SwingGrip® has been developed in conjunction with scientists from Bradford University over the past two years and blended by the UK oldest cosmetics company. Despite the creams amazing grip qualities, it’s made totally from natural ingredients. By simply applying a single pea size amount of cream to both hands you will have the benefits of SwingGrip® for an entire round of golf.


SwingGrip gives a secure grip in:

Wet Weather: Even with soaking wet hands and clubs.

Hot Weather: Combat the loss of grip due to perspiration.

Normal condition: Instead of wearing a glove.


“SwingGrip worked straight away, the rain did clear by the 6th hole with sunshine for the rest of the round and I found the grip was still working, so I didn't need a glove which meant I didn’t have the faf with taking it on or off for chipping and putting”.

John Baldesari

My word what a brilliant product. This really worked it was tacky at first but after a couple of holes I didn't notice it, but I suddenly realised I simply wasn't worried about the club slipping and I had more feel with my irons into the greens. I'm not just going to use this when its raining but a small amount for normal play for me is better than a glove. Although my mate he uses it with a glove.

Maria Eathern

This is a real game changer for me, nothing worse than turning up to a tournament to see that you're part of the draw he's got the worst of the weather. SwingGrip allowed me to concentrate on my game instead of the continuous battle of keeping everything dry. For me it's turned an issue into an advantage over my competitors.

Vicente Frost
How Many Rounds Does One Tube Provide

Applying a pea sized amount to your hands per round, one tube of Swing Grip can last up to 40 Rounds.

Can I Use Swing Grip With A Glove?

YES! Swing Grip is designed to be used with or without a glove. Simply apply it to your other hand and even the glove itself to provide concrete grip in even the wettest of conditions.

Can I Use Swing Grip In Competitions?

SwingGrip can be used in your golf competitions as there is no ruleset against creams or lotions.

How Do I remove SwingGrip From My Hand?

SwingGrip can be washed off simply with warm soapy water.