FAQ Page

When Should I Use SwingGrip?

SwingGrip is best suited for use in wet or sweaty conditions but can be used anytime to provide you with un-matched grip during your round of golf.

How Many Rounds Does One Tube Provide?

Applying a pea sized amount to your hands per round, one tube of SwingGrip can last up to 40 Rounds.

Can I Use Swing Grip With A Glove?

YES! SwingGrip is designed to be used with or without a glove. Simply apply it to your other hand and even the glove itself to provide concrete grip in even the wettest of conditions.

Can I Use Swing Grip In Competitions?

SwingGrip can be used in your golf competitions as there is no ruleset against creams or lotions.

How Do I remove SwingGrip From My Hand?

SwingGrip can be washed off simply with warm soapy water. 

How Do I Use SwingGrip
  • Open tube
  • Make sure hands are dry before you apply the cream.
  • Rub a small pea size amount of cream onto both hands, palms and fingers.
  • Wait around 3 minutes before gripping and swinging a club.
  • GRIP!
    (Tackiness will reduce after a couple of holes but grip will be.) maintained.